Every Time I Have Been Arrested Caught on Camera

I have been arrested on more than one occasion since I started participating in activism. Luckily my arrests usually get caught on camera and the case never sticks.

I hope you enjoy these videos of me being arrested.

I was protesting with Overpasses for Obamas Impeachment when the police showed up. They wanted to cut our flags down and claimed it was a violation. I was trying to stop a cal trans worker from cutting down some flags when a CHP officer shoved me to the ground. They arrested me for obstruction of justice but the charges were dropped by my first court date.

I was walking home from my friend Davids house when I came across some cops with a Honda pulled over. I filmed the stop and they left. A few minutes later I saw the same cops with another car pulled over. After the stop I called them “faggot ass bitches” and they got butthurt and arrested. I no longer refer to cops with homophobic slurs because I have more respect for my gay friends than to compare them to pigs.

Jason Smoak with the Clovis PD arrested me for filming his traffic stop. When we went to court they had to drop the charges. I found out later that they wanted to prosecute me but Smoak’s report was so full of lies they couldn’t put him on the stand. This was the only time where I was given fast food as a meal in jail.

I was filming a traffic stop in Clovis, CA while my girlfriend waited for me. When everything was concluded the officers asked if I would like to know what was going on. I replied yes but they had no intention of filling me in. I had a warrant for my arrest and they wanted to cite and release me just to be assholes. I was released from jail that night… what a waste of time.

Sgt. Andy Mercado threatened me with a taser before he and two other officers arrested me for making threatening gestures. He claimed I flipped him off as he drove by. I hadn’t but even if I had, flipping off the police is not a crime. The charges were dropped but they never told me. I assume so they could maintain possession of my camera for as long as possible.  The incident led to people donating to help me purchase a new camera.

While on the #MACtour with Ademo Freeman the Co-Founder of CopBlock.org We chalked our way into jail in Noblesville, Indiana. We had been charged with criminal mischief and they placed warrants out for our arrest. When we returned we chalked our way into jail just like we chalked our way out of town.

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