Block the Boat for Gaza

On October 26, 2014 over 2,000 people gathered to shut down the port of Oakland, CA. Their mission was to prevent a freighter from the Jewish shipping company, Zim, from docking and unloading its cargo and cost the shipping company money by having to keep the ship at bay. The freighter was never allowed to dock and allies in Long Beach, CA organized to prevent the freighter from docking at the Port of Long Beach. The action was historic and was discussed at The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine in Beirut, Lebanon.

A lone Palestinian man walks with a flag.
My favorite piece of the Palestine Solidarity Mural
Thousands were involved in shutting down the port of Oakland in order to keep the Zim freighter out.
An outnumbered police presence was more of a show than a serious attempt at policing the crowd.
A lone Palestinian flag planted in a barrier.
A man flies a Palestinian flag as the protest leaves the port.
The amount of people filled the streets for blocks. I was near the middle of the march when I took this photo.
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition flew a Palestinian flag on their loudspeaker
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition provided amplification for speakers.
A military veteran flies an inverted US flag as he marched toward the part.
The shutdown was a multicultural event. With people of all different nationalities denouncing apartheid.
Even Jews disapprove of the way Palestinians are being treated.
Dylan Donnelly of the Fresno Peoples Media was also covering Block the Boat. (He gave me a ride)
Jews denounce apartheid and Netanyahu
We filmed the police… and they filmed us.
A massive Palestinian flag was carried by a group of people.
Police were heavily outnumbered. Their presence was pointless. If at anytime the protesters wanted to they could have entered the docking bay.

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