1. Do You Hate the Police? Yes. I hate the institution of law enforcement. It’s inherently violent and only possible through violence. Anyone who can support an institution as morally bankrupt as law enforcement should not be trusted.
    I do, however, find the services provided by police are necessary to a certain degree. Currently, law enforcement is nothing more than a monopoly on protection and as such has no competition or incentive to provide you a quality service. Why do you think the police will pull you over for a burned out tail light but drive right past you when your car is broken down?
  2. Do You Film the Police to Antagonize Them? No. Although it may be annoying to the officer and could be considered antagonistic; my main objective is to show that police do not provide a service and their treatment of people is often rude and dehumanizing.
  3. Do You Do Drugs? Yes. I have a prescription for cannabis and am a daily user. Even if I didn’t have the prescription, I would still smoke cannabis. I own my own body and the rules of a stranger have no authority when it comes to my property. I also dabble with other substances, such as DMT, MDMA and Mushrooms when I feel inclined. If you know where to get that shit, hit me up. (no cops need apply)
  4. Do You Have A Job?  If by job you mean somewhere I report to at a certain time and trade my labor for profit; the answer is no. I quit working for other people some time ago. Besides you can;t hang out in poker rooms until the wee hours of the morning, if you have to be functional before noon. Besides, I just admitted to regularly smoking cannabis and occasionally ingesting other substances. Do you  think I am likely a candidate for a “regular” employer? My efforts are made possible through ad revenue and donations. If I were to apply for a job, a quick search of my name would reveal this blog to my potential employer so it’s greatly appreciated when you give into my begging and drop a dollar or two my way.
  5. How Much Money Do You Make? Not enough, so please make a donation and help keep this rolling. If you have a good or service you would like to promote you can purchase ad space for as little as $20.