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All Lives Matter Protester Crashes Chicago Bears Game

An individual crashed the Sunday Bears game wearing a gorilla costume and a white t-shirt with the words “All Lives Matter” written on it. While fans running onto the field is nothing new in sports, it’s not everyday that an idiot in a gorilla costume decides to make a play for the most racist moment on ESPN in 2016.

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Sacramento Mayor Beat Protester Who Hit Him in the Face with a Pie to a Bloody Pulp

During the “Seeds of Hope” dinner Kevin Johnson, the Sacramento Mayor and former NBA guard, was hit in the face by a pie thrown by Sean Thompson. Immediately after the Mayor proceed to tackle and beat Thompson to a bloody pulp. UFC fighter and former WEC champion Urijah Faber said, “There was another guy that was being detained who was all dirty, dressed kind of raggedy, and bloodied up at this point who was being held for the cops to come and grab him.” 

Faber also said Johnson described it as a clear-cut case of self-defense, but is such a violent response appropriate to being pied in the face?

“I asked him (Johnson) what happened and apparently the guy had come from behind and just slammed him in the face, sounds like half punch, half pie slamming in the face and then they got into a scuffle and started rolling around on the ground and looks like that guy got the worst of it,” said Faber.

Thompson a member of the Occupy Sacramento camps and the former Sacramento City College student body senator. His motivations for his activism are police brutality and the extreme inequalities” between the upper and lower class. Thompson has been charged with felony assault of a public official and one misdemeanor charge of battery on school or park property.

Thompson was arrested three times prior for illegally camping in front of city hall during the Occupy Sacramento protest and the president of the local police union justified pepper spraying him for unauthorized used of the podium after he turned his back on the city council during a public meeting.

He’s lucky he didn’t get doused in pepper spray, as three cops moved in immediately, put on high alert by his unorthodox and unauthorized use of a podium. – Mark Tyndale, President Sacramento Police Officers Association.

Kevin Johnson went home with his family with no injuries and Sean Thompson was treated at the hospital before being transported to a cage where he is currently being held on a $100,000 bond.

Watch: Interview with Sean Thompson

Cops Pull Man Over for Passing the Police Department Three Times in One Night Contradict Themselves Multiple Times

Patrick Roth submitted a video of a traffic stop he was forced to participate in after he passed the police station for the third time in one night. Three police officers were involved but only one of them seemed to think it was about a cracked windshield. The other two were more interested in determining who kept driving past them and defending themselves from an imagined war on cops.

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The Only People Cops are Keeping Me Safe From is Their Supporters

This originally started as a Facebook rant but I felt like I touched on some good points and wanted to elaborate on them further in a more appropriate forum and to a larger audience.

I have been threatened so many times by those who blindly support any action committed by the Thin Blue Line Gang it’s not even funny. In fact I’ve had copsuckers tell me if it wasn’t the for the police presence they would attack me… I’ve even had uniformed police officers approach me and tell me if it wasn’t for them one of their supporters would have attacked me for my opinion or my peaceful actions. I guess this validates their perception that they in fact are keeping me safe, but ironically fail to connect the dots that the very people they are claiming to protect me from are In fact their most dedicated supporters.

How about that for some police state irony?

What I have gathered from these engagements, is that the people who support the police are the ones who need the police. Not to protect them from ambiguous hoodie wearing thugs but to restrain them from committing violent acts against anyone who challenges their fragile statist belief system.

The serious criminals have already said fuck the police and they are prepared to go as far as to kill, anyone not just law enforcement, to protect their profits. A simple way to eliminate these criminals would be to end the war on drugs and legalize individual choice. One cannot legislate another into freedom and choosing to continue a violent campaign that ruins lives and escalates tensions between law enforcement and the communities they serve only makes life more dangerous for everyone.

Instead of recognizing that the actions of the police when enforcing these arbitrary dictates as damaging as a whole. These miscreants cling to their oppressors out of the childish fear that without them they would be unable to act in voluntary fashions with those around them. They have been so conditioned to believe that without a government watching over them it would be chaos, they have been rendered effectively helpless without their government minders.

Well you wanna know what chaos is? Chaos is over one thousand people killed by cops in the US as a yearly average. Chaos is mass incarceration for victim-less crimes. Chaos is being forced to pay for monopolized services that you may not want or need. Chaos is having to comply or die.

Most of the people on this planet have already voluntarily agreed not to harm one another without just cause and as such do not need an institution that enforces arbitrary dictates at the barrel of a gun. They are perfectly capable of exchanging goods and services, as well as, doling out justice in an equitable fashion without the help of a 3rd party middle man.

So why then do you continue to defend the outdated idea that because humans are naturally bad, a separate group of humans armed to the teeth, is necessary to enforce the rules of an entirely different group of humans? If you truly believe yourself capable of interacting voluntarily with those around you than you have already transcended the need for any law other than “do no harm.”


Charges Dropped After Violent Controversial Cannabis Raid

Khadir Cherry was arrested for distributing cannabis. Four days later officers with Durham Police Department’s HEAT (High Enforcement Abatement Team) knocked on the door to conduct a “knock and talk”, a tactic used when there isn’t enough evidence to procure a warrant, but the police still want to try to enter your house.

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Cops Confess People Drive Better When They Are High

Reddit user CashMoney_X posted a truly disturbing yet still highly enlightening conversation he had with a few of his friends who are police officers. Although short, the conversation shows the reality of modern police philosophy, “Everyone is a criminal and people only act perfectly when they have something to hide.”

Read the full conversation below.

I know three guys that became cops around a decade ago and last night I got to sit down and ask them some questions that I have always wanted to ask a cop. Here’s one exchange that blew my mind:

Me: “What makes you suspect someone like my brother (23-year-old male) of driving high (he was once arrested for this) Are there any signs you look for?”

Cop: “If a young guy (18-30ish let’s say) is driving too perfectly he’s probably high. Especially if it’s late at night.”

Me: “Wait, what? If he’s driving too good he’s probably high?”

Cop: “Ya, guys in that age bracket, especially the younger ones, don’t drive that perfectly. If all of a sudden some 19-year-old kid with shaggy hair is following every traffic rule to a ‘T’ something’s up.”

Me: “Huh? You’re saying that guys drive BETTER on pot and that’s a PROBLEM?”

Cop: “I don’t make the rules, dude; you know that.”

So he’s telling me that people have been arrested for……following the laws too well? What in the actual fuck?

Is there anything the police won’t profile you for? In their own words, “If you are a 19-year-old kid with shaggy hair,” you’re not following the traffic laws. Therefore when you do, according to copthink, you must be in violation of some other law.

This logic creates dangerous situations, whereby the possibility that an individual might have a forbidden plant in their possession can trigger an escalating scenario, causing the police to act out violently.

Police profiling is enabled by the prohibition of marijuana and other narcotics, and the damage caused by police combating drug use and sales is often worse than the effects of the narcotics themselves.

Arrested While Filming Clovis Police Harassment

I was dragged to a cage by three Clovis police officers while out CopBlocking. The four of us had joined up to film the police all day sunday and headed into Clovis. The town of Clovis is a white yuppie area with a lot of money in it. The Clovis police are known for harassing people over their appearance. I have heard more than one story about Clovis police serving up a beat down and telling whoever is on the receiving end to “go to Fresno.” They also are not fond of anyone who uses alternative transportation. I have witnessed the harassment of cyclist on multiple occasion on Clovis Ave. Continue reading Arrested While Filming Clovis Police Harassment

BEWARE!! The Fresno Police Are Watching You

I originally penned this article for the Community Alliance after the Fresno Police implemented Beware by Intrado into their daily police routine. The idea that our speech could be used to elevate an arbitrary threat rating was entirely unacceptable to me.  Continue reading BEWARE!! The Fresno Police Are Watching You

Fresno Police Target Local Pastor

The assistant pastor, of an inner city church, who champions reform in law enforcement in Fresno is set appear in court this month.

Rev. Floyd Harris Jr. has long been a thorn in the side of the Fresno police department and the police chief Jerry Dyer. Not the typical pastor his services often start with short films about the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers. Rev. Harris has followed in their footsteps educating the next generation about their rights when dealing with police, self respect and the value of hard work. Continue reading Fresno Police Target Local Pastor

Every Time I Have Been Arrested Caught on Camera

I have been arrested on more than one occasion since I started participating in activism. Luckily my arrests usually get caught on camera and the case never sticks.

I hope you enjoy these videos of me being arrested. Continue reading Every Time I Have Been Arrested Caught on Camera