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Co-Hosting CopBlock Radio in 1 Hour!

Tune in to listen to me co host the CopBlock Radio with Severin Freeman. We will be discussing, The Tamir Rice settlement and Josh Hotchkin’s idea that private police is not the solution to government police.

We will also be discussing life after the force and one officers open letter explaining why he hated being a cop.

All of this and more tonight on CopBlock Radio. Tune in for the latest in police state news and remember “Badges Dont Grant Extra Rights”.


Arrested While Filming Clovis Police Harassment

I was dragged to a cage by three Clovis police officers while out CopBlocking. The four of us had joined up to film the police all day sunday and headed into Clovis. The town of Clovis is a white yuppie area with a lot of money in it. The Clovis police are known for harassing people over their appearance. I have heard more than one story about Clovis police serving up a beat down and telling whoever is on the receiving end to “go to Fresno.” They also are not fond of anyone who uses alternative transportation. I have witnessed the harassment of cyclist on multiple occasion on Clovis Ave. Continue reading Arrested While Filming Clovis Police Harassment

BEWARE!! The Fresno Police Are Watching You

I originally penned this article for the Community Alliance after the Fresno Police implemented Beware by Intrado into their daily police routine. The idea that our speech could be used to elevate an arbitrary threat rating was entirely unacceptable to me.  Continue reading BEWARE!! The Fresno Police Are Watching You

Fresno Police Target Local Pastor

The assistant pastor, of an inner city church, who champions reform in law enforcement in Fresno is set appear in court this month.

Rev. Floyd Harris Jr. has long been a thorn in the side of the Fresno police department and the police chief Jerry Dyer. Not the typical pastor his services often start with short films about the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers. Rev. Harris has followed in their footsteps educating the next generation about their rights when dealing with police, self respect and the value of hard work. Continue reading Fresno Police Target Local Pastor

There Is No Evidence that DUI Checkpoints Keep You Safe

A DUI checkpoint conducted in Fresno, CA on Friday night yielded only ten arrests. However, it was successful in stealing 26 vehicles from their unlicensed owners. The total number of vehicles that passed through the checkpoint is unknown but the impound to arrest ratio is 2.5/1. It has me asking, “are DUI checkpoints really about stopping drunk drivers or generating revenue through impound fees and citations?” Police roadblocks are not only reminiscent of WW2 era Germany, or modern day Palestine, but just like the TSA, DUI checkpoints are just an actor in the state’s security theatre. Continue reading There Is No Evidence that DUI Checkpoints Keep You Safe