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All Lives Matter Protester Crashes Chicago Bears Game

An individual crashed the Sunday Bears game wearing a gorilla costume and a white t-shirt with the words “All Lives Matter” written on it. While fans running onto the field is nothing new in sports, it’s not everyday that an idiot in a gorilla costume decides to make a play for the most racist moment on ESPN in 2016.

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Cops Pull Man Over for Passing the Police Department Three Times in One Night Contradict Themselves Multiple Times

Patrick Roth submitted a video of a traffic stop he was forced to participate in after he passed the police station for the third time in one night. Three police officers were involved but only one of them seemed to think it was about a cracked windshield. The other two were more interested in determining who kept driving past them and defending themselves from an imagined war on cops.

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The Only People Cops are Keeping Me Safe From is Their Supporters

This originally started as a Facebook rant but I felt like I touched on some good points and wanted to elaborate on them further in a more appropriate forum and to a larger audience.

I have been threatened so many times by those who blindly support any action committed by the Thin Blue Line Gang it’s not even funny. In fact I’ve had copsuckers tell me if it wasn’t the for the police presence they would attack me… I’ve even had uniformed police officers approach me and tell me if it wasn’t for them one of their supporters would have attacked me for my opinion or my peaceful actions. I guess this validates their perception that they in fact are keeping me safe, but ironically fail to connect the dots that the very people they are claiming to protect me from are In fact their most dedicated supporters.

How about that for some police state irony?

What I have gathered from these engagements, is that the people who support the police are the ones who need the police. Not to protect them from ambiguous hoodie wearing thugs but to restrain them from committing violent acts against anyone who challenges their fragile statist belief system.

The serious criminals have already said fuck the police and they are prepared to go as far as to kill, anyone not just law enforcement, to protect their profits. A simple way to eliminate these criminals would be to end the war on drugs and legalize individual choice. One cannot legislate another into freedom and choosing to continue a violent campaign that ruins lives and escalates tensions between law enforcement and the communities they serve only makes life more dangerous for everyone.

Instead of recognizing that the actions of the police when enforcing these arbitrary dictates as damaging as a whole. These miscreants cling to their oppressors out of the childish fear that without them they would be unable to act in voluntary fashions with those around them. They have been so conditioned to believe that without a government watching over them it would be chaos, they have been rendered effectively helpless without their government minders.

Well you wanna know what chaos is? Chaos is over one thousand people killed by cops in the US as a yearly average. Chaos is mass incarceration for victim-less crimes. Chaos is being forced to pay for monopolized services that you may not want or need. Chaos is having to comply or die.

Most of the people on this planet have already voluntarily agreed not to harm one another without just cause and as such do not need an institution that enforces arbitrary dictates at the barrel of a gun. They are perfectly capable of exchanging goods and services, as well as, doling out justice in an equitable fashion without the help of a 3rd party middle man.

So why then do you continue to defend the outdated idea that because humans are naturally bad, a separate group of humans armed to the teeth, is necessary to enforce the rules of an entirely different group of humans? If you truly believe yourself capable of interacting voluntarily with those around you than you have already transcended the need for any law other than “do no harm.”


Conservationists Sue Mendocino County Over Cannabis Farming Laws

The Mendocino city council recently voted to quadruple the amount of cannabis plants allowed to be cultivated, so long as an interim permit is first obtained. The vote was passed to accommodate cooperatives that need to cultivate a larger amount in order to meed the needs of patients unable to grow their own medicine. Overall an individual is allowed to grow up to 99 plants with a permit from the sheriff. Without a permit a patient can only grow 25 plants per parcel.

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Co-Hosting CopBlock Radio in 1 Hour!

Tune in to listen to me co host the CopBlock Radio with Severin Freeman. We will be discussing, The Tamir Rice settlement and Josh Hotchkin’s idea that private police is not the solution to government police.

We will also be discussing life after the force and one officers open letter explaining why he hated being a cop.

All of this and more tonight on CopBlock Radio. Tune in for the latest in police state news and remember “Badges Dont Grant Extra Rights”.


Fresno Police Target Local Pastor

The assistant pastor, of an inner city church, who champions reform in law enforcement in Fresno is set appear in court this month.

Rev. Floyd Harris Jr. has long been a thorn in the side of the Fresno police department and the police chief Jerry Dyer. Not the typical pastor his services often start with short films about the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers. Rev. Harris has followed in their footsteps educating the next generation about their rights when dealing with police, self respect and the value of hard work. Continue reading Fresno Police Target Local Pastor

Every Time I Have Been Arrested Caught on Camera

I have been arrested on more than one occasion since I started participating in activism. Luckily my arrests usually get caught on camera and the case never sticks.

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There Is No Evidence that DUI Checkpoints Keep You Safe

A DUI checkpoint conducted in Fresno, CA on Friday night yielded only ten arrests. However, it was successful in stealing 26 vehicles from their unlicensed owners. The total number of vehicles that passed through the checkpoint is unknown but the impound to arrest ratio is 2.5/1. It has me asking, “are DUI checkpoints really about stopping drunk drivers or generating revenue through impound fees and citations?” Police roadblocks are not only reminiscent of WW2 era Germany, or modern day Palestine, but just like the TSA, DUI checkpoints are just an actor in the state’s security theatre. Continue reading There Is No Evidence that DUI Checkpoints Keep You Safe

You Can’t Count on the Enforcement Class to Defend Freedom

I published this essay on November 10, 2015 at CopBlock.org It was a collection of my thoughts and feelings about different branches of the enforcement class. Often times, the members of these branches and the people who support them make the claim that without these institutions we would be void of all freedom. History proves that freedom is in greater danger from these institutions, than any ambiguous terrorist threat. Continue reading You Can’t Count on the Enforcement Class to Defend Freedom

Who Is the Greatest Enemy of Freedom?

Originally posted at CopBlock.org

I covered the #BreaktheCurfew demonstration in Oakland, where members of The BlackOUT Collective as well as residents of Oakland met to defy Mayor Libby Schaaf’s ban on night time marches. Hundreds met up to defend liberty, and challenge an unconstitutional ordinance. Without missing a beat, hundreds of cops dressed for a fight also showed up. Armed with beanbag shotguns, nightsticks and dressed in armor, the police step by step advanced on the protesters, Continue reading Who Is the Greatest Enemy of Freedom?